Course Schedule

Course Name School Topics
Cultivating an Innovation Mindset Leadership Rs. 74,000
Finance Masterclass for Entrepreneurial and Business Leadership Finance / Accounting Rs. 81,000
Advanced Leadership Programme Leadership Rs. 132,000
Digital Marketing for Business Growth -4 Marketing / Sales Rs. 97,000
TransformTECH (TT)
IMD Switzerland
Innovation Strategy CHF 7,900
Advanced Risk and Investment Management: Harvesting Risk Premia in Alternative Asset Classes and Investment Strategies Finance / Accounting 6,650 US dollars
Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL)
IMD Switzerland
General Management CHF 25,000
Advanced Business Negotiation Programme General Management Rs. 81,000
Leading Digital Business Transformation (LDBT)
IMD Switzerland
Leadership Innovation CHF 9,900 Get special pricing when you pursue the Digital Excellence Diploma
Strategic Analysis for Competitive Advantage General Management Rs. 95,000
Team Collaboration for Results Leadership Rs. 81,000
High Performance Leadership (HPL)
IMD Switzerland
Leadership CHF 13,500
The First 90 Days (F90D)
IMD Switzerland
Leadership CHF 3,900
High Performance Boards (HPB)
IMD Switzerland
Strategy General Management CHF 11,500
Owner Manager Programme Leadership General Management KES 765,500
Fundamentals of Business Process Management Operations General Management $1,995 Canadian
Managing Acquisitions & Joint Ventures General Management Rs. 81,000
Private Equity and Capital Market Financing Finance / Accounting Rs. 81,000
Inspirational Leadership: Insights from the East and the West Leadership Rs. 88,000
Senior Management Leadership Program Leadership Strategy KES 999,500
Competitive Marketing Strategy Marketing / Sales Rs. 81,000
Driving Strategic Innovation (DSI)
IMD Switzerland
Innovation Strategy CHF 11,500
Corporate Diplomacy General Management Rs. 81,000
Healthcare Analytics Finance / Accounting Rs. 81,000
Creating High Performance Organisations-2 Leadership Rs. 88,000