Student Ambassadors

Student leaders on the campuses of each member school help initiate new programs and drive student engagement. They play a critical role in making the Global Network a valuable resource for every participant.

The Global Network for Advanced Management is proving it can be a tremendous resource, but to shape the next stage of the network, we want to engage our students even more.  Each school has appointed a student ambassador who will work with their own student communities and student ambassadors at other Global Network schools to identify new opportunities and shape existing initiatives.

Together the ambassadors will work with students and ambassadors from other Global Network schools to develop student-led initiatives for the Network and facilitate student-to-student communication across the network.

When asked what they would like to see happen with the Global Network, our ambassadors responded, “greater student-to-student interaction between schools’ student clubs and special interest groups,” “more students taking part in Global Network Weeks,” “more sharing of best practices across member schools,” and for “member schools to become more integrated and connected.”

Meet the Global Network Ambassadors






Aleli Uy

School: Asian Institute of Management, MBA Candidate
Home country: Philippines
Extra-curricular interests: AIM Eloquence Club
Fun facts: 
Other Global Network schools visited: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore




Shuang Zhang

School: Business School, Renmin University of China, MBA Candidate
Home Country: People's Republic of China
Extra-curricular interests: Ambassador of MBM (MBA Business Mentor) Program in RMBS
Fun facts: I love swimming very much and have the strong willingness to learn skiing this winter.
Other Global Network schools visited: Not Yet. Plan to Yale School of Management in March 2018, the Global Network Week.



Hernan Gomez

School: EGADE Business School Tecnológico de Monterrey, MBA Candidate
Home country: Mexico
Extra-curricular interests: I love playing golf and movies.
Fun fact: I’m also a professor in the Chemical School of Engineering
Other Global Network schools visited: Yale School of Management for Global Network Week




Xinran Yang

School: School of Management, Fudan University, IMBA Candidate
Home country: China
Extra-curricular interests: Member of Joint Forum; Interests: Travel and music
Fun facts: 
Other Global Network schools visited: None Yet



Michael Seaborn

School: Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, MBA Candidate
Home country: Japan
Fun facts: Australian living in Japan.
Other Global Network schools visited: I will be visiting Yale as part of Global Network Week in 2018.





Michael Ng

School: HKUST
Home country: Hong Kong
Fun facts: Co-founder of the BC Chinese music ensemble
Other Global Network schools visited: Hitotsubashi ICS for Global Network Week




Kunal Chandra

School: IMD Business School, MBA Candidate
Home country: Switzerland
Extra-curricular interests: Public speaking, blogging, and Energy Club
Fun facts: Love long drives, public speaking, and listening to Bob Dylan
Other Global Network schools visited: INSEAD, IIM Bangalore, NUS. I visited these schools on personal visits.

Fiona Vivaldi

School: INCAE Business School, MBA Candidate
Home country: France
Extra-curricular interests: I am an active member of the Sustainability Club and Club LID (Leadership Club) in which we organize the TEDx, at INCAE. I would really like to develop contacts between the clubs of our Universities in order to share good practices and experience.
Fun facts: I like to play ping-pong and nobody guess that I play well so they always get surprised. I won the contest of the best beer draught service during the Oktoberfest in Costa Rica.
Other Global Network schools visited: None yet.


Rajarshi De

School: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Home country: India
Fun facts: My first book, a collection of poems, has come out in International Kolkata Book Festival, 2018
Other Global Network schools visited: None yet, but hope to in the upcoming Global Network Week.



Elif Secgin

School: Koç University Graduate School of Business, MBA Candidate
Home country: Turkey
Extra-curricular interests: Writing, reading, watching basketball, cooking.
Fun facts: I love washing dishes, it comforts me so much!  Also, I can’t ride a bike, never learned how :)
Other Global Network schools visited: Yale SOM and Hitotsubashi ICS (both for GNW)




Elaigwu Ifenne

School: Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, Executive MBA Candidate
Home country: Nigeria
Extra-curricular interests: I really enjoying travelling to other African countries.
Fun facts: I’ve been a huge Manchester United fan most of my life. I love the Pittsburgh Steelers, too.
Global Network schools visited: None yet.



David Waterhouse

School: National University of Singapore Business School, MBA Candidate
Home country: United States
Extra-curricular interests: President – MBA Student Council, FinTech, Crypto Investing, Entrepreneurship Club, Professional Mentor, Traveling & Gastronomy
Fun facts: As a Canadian-America, deciding who to cheer for in the Olympics is challenging. Except for hockey. Canada must always win Gold.
Other Global Network schools visited: None yet. 



Patrick Gonzalez

School: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile School of Business, MBA Candidate
Home country: Chile
Extra-curricular interests: I´m student president of our class, and I´m also very much interested in innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives.
Fun facts: I have lived in Chile, Venezuela, the U.S. and Peru! I like the outdoors, especially the ocean.
Other Global Network schools visited: Sauder School of Business, UBC as part of Global Network Week (March 2016)

Azul Cimerman Sariego

School: Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, MBA Candidate
Home country:
Extra-curricular interests:
Fun facts:
Other Global Network schools visited:



Alex Yakovyshenko

School: Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, MBA Candidate
Home country: Canada
Extra-curricular interests: Member at Tim-Br Mart Emerging Leaders Group, Board Member at BSIA of BC, VP Internal at Sauder MBA Society, Member at Sauder Natural Resources Club, Member at Sauder Management Consulting Club
Fun facts: I like boxing! 
Other Global Network schools visited: Yale School of Management Global Network Week, March 2016



Hwamin Yu

School: Seoul National University Business School, MBA Candidate
Home country: South Korea



Ricardo Lomaski

School: Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, MBA Candidate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Home country: Israel
Extra-curricular interests: I’m a volunteer in an organization that I founded to support immigrants from Brazil and I develop a program for startups in a young entrepreneurship hub.
Fun facts: Originally from Brazil, but don’t know how to play soccer or dance samba well. I love to cook a homemade hummus.
Other Global Network schools visited: Yale School of Management (March 2017)

Derick Muller

School: University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, MBA Candidate
Home country: South Africa
Extracurricular interests: Surfing, traveling, filmmaking, big wave surf photography, literature and writing.
Fun facts: Published my first book when I was 24 years old. Haven't had time to write another one since...
Other Global Network schools visited: Yale School of Management as International Exchange student



Ciarán Halpin

School: UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, EMBA Candidate
Home country: Ireland
Extracurricular interests: Travel, Gaelic Football, Soccer
Fun facts: Every year I like to visit at least one country that I haven't been to before.
Other Global Network schools visited: None yet.



Yudithia Adelin

School: University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics, Master of Management (Finance)
Home country: Indonesia
Extracurricular interests: Student Committee (Chief Division of Case and Competition)
Fun facts: Fast learner, easygoing, artsy
Other Global Network schools visited: Universitas Indonesia; it was part of Global Network Week, meeting some students from different countries



Ariana Yuen

School: Yale School of Management, MBA Candidate 
Home country: Hong Kong
Extra-curricular interests: 
Fun facts: Raised in Hong Kong, moved to Ethiopia 2.5 years ago.
Other Global Network schools visited: