FGV-EAESP gn mar 2015


March 2-6, 2015


São Paulo, Brazil

Topic & Description:

Development of a Global Mindset: the Perspective of Emerging Markets’ Companies

Any company that wants to grow internationally has to consider the ability of its leaders to deal with the complexities of a multifaceted world.  It is not simple, though, to develop a mindset that allows a positive consideration and an efficient management of the many differences among players.  This challenge is particularly demanding for the emerging markets’ companies and this is the main topic to be discussed over this week with academics and executives from companies that expand from the local market (in particular Brazil) to the global arena.

Faculty:  Prof. Luíz Carlos Cabrera, Prof. Maria Tereza Fleury, Prof. Patricia Tavares, Prof. Luis Henrique Pereira and executives from companies.

Company visits: During the program you will visit at least two companies that are currently actively involved in a globalization strategy.  The companies might be either Brazilian companies, planning to expand outside of Brazil, or companies from other emerging economies (e.g. China) and that are currently expanding to Brazil.

A cultural activity will also be part of the trip.