Fudan EMBA Week June 2017

Compete Successfully in China’s Changing and Growing Market

Innovation, Transition & Sustainability in Internet Times



With the increasing development of world economy's globalization and intergradation, entrepreneurs are expected to have a globally strategic vision to explore new markets for the products. Having sustainably grown over the last few years, China market is now profoundly affecting the competitive capabilities of all multinational corporations. Companies throughout the world are affected by the impact of low-cost Chinese manufacturing on worldwide pricing, for instance, whether or not they have operations there or engage in direct trade. CEOs and management team are now facing the challenge not only to compete successfully in China's growing domestic market but also to use the country's resources to compete in the region and around the world.


The Executive Global Network Week (EGNW) is a 5-day intensive program designed to strengthen participants’ understanding of China’s current political, economic, and cultural aspects, and to initiate innovative plans and solutions for enterprises transition and sustain development.

Since China entered a new era of Internet Plus, great opportunities and challenges as well never seen before appeared in Chinese business environment. The EGNW shows the participants how the Internet Times impact the Chinese consumers’ way of thinking and behaviors. Marketing strategy for successful entry and profitable growth under the new game rules will be explored.


Participants will acquire a new and comprehensive understanding of the cultural context and current situation in China regarding market challenge, innovative entrepreneurship, sustainability, as well as Internet industry impact. It is aimed to cover the following objectives:

  • To identify the Chinese business environment from different perspectives
  • To critically understand “Internet Plus” and industry transformation and upgrading
  • To learn the best practices of both local and foreign enterprises in China
  • To experience the different culture and business etiquettes


The program is delivered as a matrix with theory and practice. Theoretical foundations are laid by Fudan faculties in the form of lectures and in-class case studies; practical skills will be developed via a project-based group work on a specific company. A proposed schedule can be found from Table 1 as below.

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Table 1 Proposed Schedule


Mon 6/12

Tue 6/13

Wed 6/14

Thur 6/15

Fri 6/16


Welcome speech


Foreign Companies in Current China’s Business Environment

Prof. James Yuann

Social Media and Business Transformation

Prof. Deqiang Zou

Social Media and Business Transformation

Case: Yesmywine

Prof. Deqiang Zou

China Market Entry Strategy

Case: Taobao vs Ebay

Prof. Chang-Hua Tzeng

Case Study Presentation



Lunch Time

Lunch & Campus tour



Foreign Companies in Current China’s Business Environment

Prof. James Yuann

Company visit


China Market Entry Strategy

Prof. Chang-Hua Tzeng

Company visit

Taobao Alibaba

City tour & Cultural experience


Dinner with FDSM students

(free time)


  1. Lecture: Foreign Companies in Current China’s Business Environment (Professor James Yuann[1])
  • Past 30 years economy growth – the drivers and its drivers
  • Beyond the fast growth – overseas investment and trends
  • China business today – the good, the bad, the ugly, the clean up
  • What now – new initiatives and opportunities
  1. Lecture: Social Media and Business Transformation (Professor Deqiang Zou)
  • Big Data, Cloud computing, Internet Plus in China’s industry transformation and upgrading
  • Disruptive and incremental innovations in social media marketing
  • E-commerce development and challenges
  • Case & Company visit: Yesmywine
  1. Lecture: China Market Entry Strategy (Professor ChangHua Tzeng)
  • Business environment analysis in China
  • Innovation and market strategies
  • How to compete against Chinese firms when entering China market
  • Case: Taobao versus eBay  & Company visit Taobao Alibaba
  1. Group Work

Students will be assigned into a project team prior to the program and work collaboratively on a group project to gain deeper insights into current sustainable and innovative transition via case study: Yesmywine or Taobao-Alibaba. Groups will be required to present their project at the end of the week, and each group will be assessed by faculty based on problem solving, teamwork, visual/oral presentation, etc.

Appendix: Faculty Profile

Faculty Chair - Prof. James Yuann

 Prof. James Yuann is currently a visiting professor of the International MBA program cooperated between MIT Sloan and Fudan University, lecturing on Leadership and Business Model Comparisons between Multinational and Indigenous Companies in China.

Besides teaching at Fudan and National Qsing Hua University (Taiwan), Dr. Yuann is a Vistage China Chair coaching 12 multinational and local CEOs in China. He is also an Independent Board Director of Haike Chemicals Group.


Prof. Deqiang Zou

Prof. Deqiang Zou is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at School of Management, Fudan University. The research of Dr. Zou addresses both consumer behavior and empirical model issues in marketing. His research interests include: social incentive mechanism, user generated content (UGC), decision bias in processing numerical information, consumer identity value, and customer satisfaction, etc.

Prof. Zou teaches Marketing Management for Fudan University program, University of Hong Kong – Fudan University international program, BI Norwegian Business School – Fudan University International program) and Marketing Research & its Business Applications for University of Hong Kong – Fudan University international. In the Global Masters in Management (Global MiM) program delivered jointly by London Business School and School of Management, Fudan University, he teaches Cutting-edge Marketing Research & Analytics. He also teaches Digital Marketing in Fudan University EMBA program and participates in teaching Advanced Marketing in Washington University, St. Louis – Fudan University EMBA program.


Prof. Chang-Hua Tzeng

 Prof. Chang-Hua Tzeng is currently Associate Professor of Strategic Management in the Department of Business Administration at the School of Management, Fudan University. He teaches Strategic Management for MBA, IMBA, S3 Asia Program at Fudan School of Management. He is also a professor of Strategic Management of Fudan’s DBA program and Havard-Fudan executive learning program.

Apart from teaching, he offers consulting services for multinational corporations based in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore, and Taiwan.


[1] Professor James Yuann is the Faculty Chair of this program. Introduction of all the faculties can be found from the appendix.