Fudan GN Week Oct 2014

School of Management, Fudan University

October 13-17, 2014


Shanghai, China

Topic & Description:

The Evolving Chinese Business Culture in an Ever-Changing Global Context

In recent decades, the rapid economic development of China has created increasing business opportunities for people in other countries. Engaging in the Chinese market has become a must for international companies. The objective of this program is for students to know the general profile of China’s business environment where economic transactions happen, and to be able to make sense of various business phenomena in China, It should help students to develop their critical view of “the China model” or “China experience”. Through dynamic discussion, interactive case studies, and company visits, the students will explore a broad range of the concepts of doing business in China.

Faculty involved:

Prof. Yihong YU, Prof. Yijia JING, Dr. Tomas CASAS i KKLETT, Prof. Deqiang ZOU, Prof. Dunren ZHOU, Prof. James WANG

Company visits: Lenovo, Bosch.