Global Network Week Report: Seoul National University

April 8, 2014

Koç University Graduate School of Business (Turkey)


Istanbul, Turkey

Topic & Description:

From Local to Global: Concepts, Frameworks, and Analytical Tools Necessary to Develop an Effective Global Strategy

Globalization has changed the dynamics of business irrevocably. Today’s companies must operate on a much larger scale and in an environment of global competitiveness where product development, market needs, customers’ targets must take into account multiple cultures, collaborations and regional developments. Even for companies that do not intend to “go abroad,” the entry of foreign companies into their home markets makes a better understanding of global strategy a necessity if not a requisite for survival. The goal of this course is to introduce you to concepts, frameworks, and analytical tools necessary to develop an effective global strategy. There will be case studies and a presentation by student group teams on companies visited.

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A dispatch from Seoul National University Business School's "Doing Business in Korea" course.


Location: Seoul, South Korea

Topic: Doing Business in Korea

Company Visits: Hyundai, LG Display, Samsung 

Coursework: Lectures explored the changing economy on the Korean peninsula, the Korean auto and entertainment industries, and human resource management in Korea. 

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"The insights I learned during classes from the professors at SNU as well as the people I met during this very fruitful week are priceless.  Attending the SNU as part of my MBA program was not only a valuable experience from the educational perspective, but what is more important, I made long-lasting friendships with very diverse and smart people. The Korean culture is very similar to the Turkish culture, which is why I did not feel like a foreigner, but more like a friend."

— Cem Kaya, MBA candidate at Koç University, on Global Network Week at SNU

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