PUC GNW Oct 2016

Global Network Week

October 17th-21st,  2016


Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, School of Business


Santiago, Chile


“Leadership challenges for a complex world”


A conceptual and practical analysis of different leadership challenges with a perspective on Latin America & Chile

Faculty involved

Nureya Abarca (PhD UC-San Diego);Edgar Kausel (PhD Univ of Arizona); Hector Madrid (PhD Sheffield); Matko Koljatic (SMP Stanford), Andrés Rainieri (PhD SUNY), Nuri Pedrals (MA PUC), Rodrigo Jordán (PhD Oxford)


Company connections

Gnam week will include visits to Vineyards and Retail companies and, Panels with top executives from local and multinational companies.

Spaces offered


Administrative contact

Andres Ibanez, Director Int´l Affairs (aibanez@uc.cl); Monique Delaveau (mdelaveau@uc.cl), International Coordinator


Please note: details of each Global Network Week are provisional and could be subject to change