Professor Raúl Montalvo

Dr. Montalvo is the Director of EGADE Business School in Guadalajara. His latest research fields include: Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Marketing, International Business, Game Theory, and Econometrics. In addition, he has taught at different campuses of Tecnológico de Monterrey throughout Mexico and has taught and been visiting professor in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, England and the United States. He started his professional career at the insurance sector and has worked as a business consultant and as an entrepreneur.


Dr. Montalvo received his Doctoral degree from the University of Essex in England; and a Master’s Degree in Economics, from the Center for Research and Teaching Economics (CIDE in Mexico). He also has summer studies in Geographic Economics and Overlapped Generations from La Universidade Tecnologica de Lisboa, in Portugal, Doing Business in China from Fudan University and Peking University, and Entrepreneurship from Babson College.


Dr. Montalvo is member of the National System of Researchers by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Mexico, member of the Committee of Economic Analysis of COPARMEX Jalisco and was part of the committee of advisors of the former Ministry of Economics of the State of Jalisco.


Some of Dr. Montalvo’s current coauthored publications include the books: The Economics of the TV Industry (2005), Competition for FDI and International Trade (2005), Modelos de Armonización Fiscal (2009), Financial System and Economic Growth (2010), Análisis de los Niveles Socieconómicos en México y su aproximación a los Patrones de Consumo y Publicidad (2010) and Anuario Estadístico Chino: Un panorama económico (2011). As well as the following coauthored papers Competitive challenges for supply chain management in emerging markets: the case of Mexico -CIBER-FIU Ryder Center for Supply Chain Management (2009), Fuerzas y factores que configuran la Integración Económica de América del Norte - Revista Mexicana

de Política Exterior (2009), Auctions for TV Programming - AGB and IALBSS Proceedings

(2009), Determinants of Strategic Risk Management in Emerging Markets Supply Chains: The

Case of Mexico – Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science (2010), A Theoretical

Analysis of Corruption and Business - International Journal of Business Competition and Growth

(2010), Entrepreneurial Clusters in China and Mexico: implications for Competitiveness

– GCG/Universia/Georgetwon University (2012), and three book chapters El Riesgo cambiario: su

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 Impacts of the Business Clusters: Insights from the literature. Research Issues on International

Economic Relations - UDG (2012).


At the moment he is working in a new research field: Consumer behavior in the Base of the Pyramid and proposing a model of Debt-consumption vs. Debt-investment and has recently started some research in the area of Business Analytics and Data Visualization.