UCD Smurfit GNWeek 2014

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

October 13-17, 2014


Dublin, Ireland

Topic & Description:

Executive Decision Making

High quality decision making is an essential element of all facets of management.  But what is the best way to make decisions?  Managers face a range of options, from reliance on instincts tempered by an awareness of heuristics and biases, to analytical, strategic and data-driven methodologies.  This module will explore conflicting approaches to decision-making and the challenges that managers face when making decisions in various different contexts.  Topics may include: what we should do versus what we really do - prescriptive and descriptive theories of decision-making; decision challenges in strategic management; using data analytics to make informed decisions; investor decisions and biases in behavioral finance.

The module will include case studies and/or a simulation game along with company visits to give a practical perspective to decision-making processes.

Faculty Involved:  Mr. Stephen Boyle; Professor Tony Brabazon; Professor Michael O’NeillDr. Karan Sonpar

Company visits: Dublin is home to the European headquarters of many well-known global companies and the week will include company visits and/or guest speakers; details to follow.

Other elements: In addition to structured and informal opportunities to network with international MBA students, there will be a selection of extra-curricular activities to choose from including sightseeing and opportunities to sample Dublin’s famous pub scene.