UGBS GNW Mar 2016

University of Ghana Business School

March 14-18, 2016

City: Accra, Ghana

Topic & Description:

Contemporary Management Issues in Africa  

Day 1 African Public Policy   Dr. A-G Abdulai

The course will offer students opportunities to discuss, debate and analyse public policy making in Africa using examples from Ghana. The course will offer students opportunities to review some social policies such as cash transfers, school feeding, NHIS etc and to discuss the politics and milieu of policy making in Africa. It will also examines some public finance issues such as public-private partnerships in Africa.

Day 2 Social Enterprise and NGOs Management in Africa   Dr. J.N. Bawole,  Dr. Gafaru

This course will expose students to the work of social enterprises and NGOs in Africa and offer them opportunities to discuss, debate and propose solutions to the most challenging management issues in social enterprise and NGO management in Africa. Students will embark field visits to indigenous and international NGOs engaged in various aspects of social development.

Day 3 Recent  Developments in the Ghanaian financial environment   Dr. Bokpin,  Prof. A.Q.Q. Aboagye

This presentation will discuss recent interesting developments within the Ghanaian financial system starting with Ghana’s Three-Year Extended Credit Facility Support with the IMF and linking that to the election year budget (budget 2016) and the political business cycle.
To begin with the course draws attention to what appears to be a permanently downward trend (even if sometimes rollercoaster like ride) in the value of the domestic currency.
The presentation will also discuss microfinance in Ghana extensively. Discussions will cover supply of Microfinance; Demand for Microfinance; SUSU and other forms of informal finance and financing schemes available for Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises as well as individuals.
Naturally, the presentation will also take a look at formal capital markets and other formal financial institutions in Ghana.
The Ghana Stock Exchange, the bond market in Ghana, etc. The challenges presented by globalization of the business environment will also be discussed.
Also to be highlighted are the structure and organization of financial markets, regulation of financial markets, The Ghana Warehouse Receipt System (prelude to futures trading) and international assets markets

Day 4 Human Capital Development and Diversity Management in Africa    Prof. Ofori, Dr. Amponsah Tawiah

This course will engage students in discussing the strategies for Human Capital Development in Africa. It will also present students with opportunities to discuss how global businesses in Africa acquire, motivate, and retain an increasingly cosmopolitan workforce. Issues of the firms’ interaction with the society with particular reference to its internal stakeholders would also be addressed.

Day 5: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SME Growth in Africa    Dr. Buame

This course offers students the opportunity to discuss, debate and analyse entrepreneurship as a premier socio-economic process in national building; interface between corporate entrepreneurship, small-scale enterprises and organizational performance; creativity and innovation and development; entrepreneurial activities, and micro/macroeconomics; common research areas in the general field of entrepreneurship and SMEs. The creation and management of own ventures within the African context will be explored.