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Corporate Innovation & Growth Forum

Conference: Corporate Innovation & Growth Forum.
An exclusive event for large corporations pursuing Growth. This forum takes place during the most important entrepreneurship event in Latin America INCmty. Its goal is to Accelerate Innovation for Growth, Capitalize Opportunities and Mitigate Risks for a Disruptive Future.  We will have provocative discussions through five main topics:

International Encounter Of Research In Entrepreneurship And Family Enterprise (EIIEEF) Conference

Conference: International Encounter Of Research In Entrepreneurship And Family Enterprise (EIIEEF)
   An international scientific meeting where researchers share and discuss the results of their research in the areas of: Entrepreneurial Education; Social Entrepreneurship; Academic and Technology-Based Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship and Family Business; and, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum (OSEF)

OSEF is Said Business School’s flagship entrepreneurial event - it's an intensive and immersive experience for anyone interested in all things entrepreneurial, from pursuing startup ideas to taking a transformational approach to business and career paths. This is a ticketed event. 

Tech, Talk & Lunch with Marcos Ramirez Amoretti: Digital Tranformation & the New Technology Revolution

The new paradigm is here to stay enabling opportunities that will shape our future. With sectors changing at an exponential but differentiated rate our habits and way of living face unprecedented change. Bots that can solve our daily problems drones taxiing us through the cities, additive manufacturing to reduce waste are some of the few examples of the impact of technology. Are we ready for the next generation of change?

Think Beyond the Bubble: 6 Big Ideas that Silicon Valley Start-ups Can Leverage from Europe

Although Silicon Valley is looked up to by Europe's younger start-up ecosystems like Berlin, Paris, Munich and Barcelona, Entrepreneurs in the Bay Area can gain huge advantages by looking to Europe, especially for today's disruptive technologies.  With a history of innovative ecosystems that goes back to Renaissance Italy, Europe offers at least six short cuts for creativity, scalability and global relevance.

Asia-Pacific Business Schools Grasslands Trail Challenge

Global Network school alumni will be offered special rates. If they sign up before June 15th, the price is 2,592 RMB/person. From June 16th-25th, the price will be 2,880 RMB/person.  This covers just about everything during the competition.

Haas Alumni Conference

Join Berkeley Haas alumni, faculty and outstanding presenters at the annual Alumni Conference. Topics of discussion vary each year focusing on new faculty research, industry leaders and path-bending leaders. A new feature we've added recently is HaasX Talks -- quick five minute presentations by alumni on their work and how they are inspired by what they do and how they challenge thinking.

Link to this event will be provided in January 2019.


EGADE Business School Cultural Visit to Teotihuacan for Global Network Alumni

This is a cultural activity that takes place to kick off  the Global Network Week in Mexico City. On Sunday, participants of the GNW are invited to visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacan (In Nahuatl: "The City of the Gods" the most important and largest city of pre-hispanic Central Mexico.  After the visit, students, participants and alumni gather together to have lunch and network.  For more details contact Marial Livas, Alumni Relations Director, at .

'Current Trends in Blockchain Technology' - UCD Boston Chapter Alumni Event

You are invited to join us at the first UCD Boston Alumni Chapter event of 2018, in association with the Irish Network Boston. Please see full details below:

Date: Thursday February 8th 2018

Time: 17:30 - 19:00

Venue: The UMass Club, 32nd Floor, 1 Beacon Street, Boston

Theme: Current Trends in Digital Health: How it will change our lives.

Please register below to book your place.

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